Period 2

The Problem(s)

When some women went to London for a anti slavery act, the women had to sit out and could not debate, so then the furious women promised they would have a convention as soon as they got home to discuss women’s rights. They also did not have the right to vote. Women also could not get very good jobs and they would always get paid less then the men, even if they did the same amount of work or more. They also fought for better health care for pregnant women. The women wanted to be able to have custody of their children when there was a divorcé. These problems led to the first women's rights convention.

The Solution(s)

Women were unhappy with their lack of rights, such as their inability to vote. Leaders of the Women’s Rights Movement, like Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt, led marches and got signatures for petitions from suffragettes, the women who were involved in the movement. The National American Women’s Suffrage Association, or NAWSA, was developed, pushing for the right to vote and for racial equality in the south. Finally, the nineteenth amendment was added to the constitution on August 26, 1920, guaranteeing all women the right to vote.

The Images

external image 293709w.jpg

This picture shows women marching for their right to vote.

external image 294196w.jpg

This is the cover for the program for the Women's Suffrage Procession.

external image 272219wt.jpgShown here is Alice Paul, a leader of the movement.

The Primary Sources

Alice Paul was a women who spends her life fighting for women’s rights. She also joined the women’s suffrage movement. She earned a PhD and a masters degree. Carrie Catt Chapman helped in getting the nineteenth amendment passed.

The Citations

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