Period 3

The Problem(s)

  • Many of the forests were being cut down
  • A major use of soil was decreasing our supply
  • Coal deposits were being taken out with out the realization of the area around it
  • The development of many oil fields were causing pollution
  • The keeping of wildlife was not even thought about
  • Also the keeping of the wildlife and its habitat weren’t thought about as well.
  • The public didn’t think about conserving the enviorment because they believe that the United States had an abundence of everything here.

The Solution(s)

  • A conference on conservation was called to discuss the conservation of the woodlands.
  • Because of this conference, some hunting and fishing laws were passed on the state level.
  • Also John Muir convinced the President at the time to create National Parks to preserve the woodlands.
  • He also helped found the Sierra Club which privately looked after the National parks.
  • Also the states created wildlife sanctuaries and state parks.
  • It was commissioned that the national government study all the resources of the United States.

The Images

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The Primary Sources

"A Tradition of Waste"

The Citations

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